What is the procedure to buy a car on your website?
We are trying to simplify the procedure compare to the common procedure you need to take for importing a commercial car from China. As a registered user, you could do free roaming, and filtering based on your demand for all listed brands and products, or you could simply ask our product experts by live chat / emails for guide and more details on each brand and product. They will give you professional suggestions based on your requirements and help making customized orders and dealing with the factory works and paper works afterwards.
Registration is required. Once registration is completed, you can discuss with our product experts about your desired vehicles for most suitable offers.
No, you could make the registration for free - no matter you are an automobile dealer, group buyer or individual buyer. No fees or hidden charges are required. So don't hesitate and sign up now.
Yes & No. YES you could click “Make An Order” on product detail pages and NO there will be no actual order made, instead, our product expert will chat with you based on your desired model.
The reason is: if you want to purchase a (batch of) brand new vehicle(s), we need to know the specifications on each component before starting to manufacture it; if you choose a used vehicle, we need to make sure you fully understand the actual status of this vehicle apart from only a few words of listed specifications.
Therefore, in any case, you should chat with our experienced experts first to learn more about your desired product and ask for a bargain price if possible. They will help you on making orders afterwards. It is our mission to make you are satisfy with the product you purchased.
We accept payment by Telegraphic Transfer to our designated bank account from your bank. Considering the business policies our customers might be involved in, some of them will need Letter of Credit or other B2B payment methods, these all acceptable based on negotiation.
There are many factors influence the availability of a car. If it is a used car and you just need to have it as it is (with no customized requirement), it normally takes 4 to 8 weeks by shipping on the earliest available vessel; if it is a (batch of) new car(s) on order(s), then it might need 2 to 3 months for specification confirmation and manufacturing prior the delivery arrangement. Other factors such as quantities, customized requirements, related documents preparations also influence the period of your waiting.
If the price is in FOB, you will have to pay Freight charge, Clearance fee, Import duty, Registration fee, Compliance fee, and any other fee which may occur according to the import regulations of your country.
If the price is in C&F, you can omit Freight charge from the above charges.
Yes, we have both steerings available for brand new cars. For used vehicles, most of them are LHD due to China’s road regulation. You could consult with our online experts for more options.
We have highly skilled professionals who carefully inspect the cars before listing them online, Moreover, we will have other thorough inspections before we ship them to you for the purpose of guarantee they meet the requirement of your requirement. We will confirm that there is no difference between the actual specifications and those on the specification sheet.
When you cancel an order – no matter it is new or used - we may have to resell that car or dispose it in different ways. Therefore, if you cancel the order, you have to pay the balance in addition to the costs that may incur. Circumstances alter cases, we will have descriptions about this part in each contract.

For further questions, feel free to contact us!

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