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CVE is serious to customer demand. When purchasing used vehicles, customers hope to know the real condition of each vehicle.

At the same time, they may hope to refurbish the purchased old vehicle to make it have decent condition and exterior. There will be extra requirement such as repeated inspections and numerous additional adjustments from a 3rd party refurbishment service provider, and this always led to exceeding time & budget limit.

At CVE, we could provide most professional full range refurbishment service. We will evaluate and make the refurbishing plan based on our trusted inspection report, which means you do not need to make extra budget for repeat inspections; we will provide the one-stop service of refurbish/repair, and we will make sure the refurbished vehicle meet the requirement of factory “Outgoing Quality Control/Assurance” and national vehicle export inspection related standards, which means we will be responsible for product quality; so the vehicle you received is the vehicle you could register directly and put into work directly!

A basic refurbishment service is as listed, additional could be provided based on customer demand:

Present Condition Consumptive Part Driving System Engine Electrical Cleaning Painting Seat
Depreciated by less than 20% Change all the oil, antifreeze, filter, AC, Frozen, etc. Retread tires, inspect bearing lubrication, check all driving system & suspension systems. engine painting, basic mechanical maintenance, belt, other rubber parts, etc. Deep clean Interior, all part of the driving area, change the wearing parts, clean all the glass, inside of AC. Paint based on special demand. Deep clean all seats, change the wearing of seats, repackaging the seats.
Depreciated between 20% to 40% Change all vehicle lubrication, battery, gearbox oil, etc. Retread tires, inspect bearing lubrication, check all driving system & suspension systems. Clear all the sensor, change the worn wire, change the vulnerable parts interface. Clean inside and outside of the light, change all the floor & internal light. Grind/sheet metal, repair surface, clean rust & repaint. Change all the seats.
Depreciated by 40% plus Change all consumptive part. Check and repair all the connect parts, change the wheel, driving seats, panel, and curtains, etc. Change new engine. Repair all rust and junctions. Repair all the junctions.
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